Thursday, September 25, 2014



The  following are the functions of the office:

  1. Plan, implement and oversee an integrated amateur sports promotion and development program in coordination with various sectors involved in sports, both from the government and non-government organizations as well as from the private sector;
  2. Establish, develop and maintain fully-equipped sports facilities and centers in strategic places and, as far as practicable, such modern sports complexes adequate for mahor regional, national and international competitions; 
  3. Develop and promulgate rules and regulations including rules to delineate and define areas of responsibilities of all sectors involved in sports promotion and development, respecting the individual set-up, priorities, structure and competence of the different government and private institutions;
  4. Provide such incentives, recognitions and awards to deserving associations, athletes, referees, game officials, coaches, trainers and other persons or entities involved in or supporting sports development as may be permissible under the rules of amateurism;
  5. Conduct basic and applied research on sports development;
  6. Encourage, promote and sustain the creation and establishment of regional, provincial, municipal and barangay or district sports promotion and development councils composed of officials of the Department of Education, Department of Interior and Local Government officials, and representatives of the private sector who shall initiate, conduct and coordinate sports activities in their respective localities; and
  7. Exercise such other acts are incidents to or are appropriate and necessary in connection with the creation of the Office.

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